Kath’s Korner

What path are you traveling?

Walking this crazy road we call life together

We all have a different path we are traveling, but sometimes it helps to know where someone else has been in order to decide where you might be going.

Healthy Habits

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Living the healthy life I’ve dreamt of

Mindful Moments

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Reflection is good for the soul

Parenting Perspectives

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Walking this journey is not always easy

Reading Reviews

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Notes from an avid reader

Teaching Tidbits

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Tips from the trenches


I’m a daughter, wife, mother and friend. I love spending time with my family, playing games watching movies and traveling when possible. I love reading, spending time outdoors and photography. I’ve also grown to realize I love writing! Currently working as an elementary music teacher and health coach. Continually learning to embrace the new seasons of life and all they have to offer.

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